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Do you need cash to start a new business, grow your current business, or expand your investment portfolio? The proven programs of Integrity Business Funding will teach you how to access the capital you need, even with a poor credit history--or no credit history at all. And once you understand the process you can obtain needed funds again and again, ensuring you're ready for every new challenge and opportunity.

Whether you need $5,000, $500,000 or more, Integrity Business Funding has several plan options tailored to meet the specific equity needs of your individual situation.

To date, our Certified Money Coaches and experienced staff have helped people just like you to obtain over $25 Million in unsecured lines of financially sound credit and business loans. Don't let a lack of cash keep you from dreaming big and achieving more, when you can learn once and succeed forever with the help of Integrity Business Funding.

Funding Your New Business

You've created a new product or service that you're sure will sell, and sell big. Or maybe you've discovered an existing business or franchise that you know you can turn into a goldmine.

Funding Your Existing Business

At some point, most business owners have asked themselves: "Is this as far as the business can go? Could we be a bigger player in our market? What can I do to increase the bottom line?"

Funding Your Investments

Getting the funds to invest in real estate or stocks can be difficult, particularly in a tight credit environment. Even those with a stellar financial history can be (and probably have been) refused by various lending organizations.